GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS, earthlings and potential employers. My name is Em and I'm a freelance writer (& a Virgo, if you wanted to know). I specialise in music, nerdery, the supernatural, and queerness. I can and will, however, write about anything. I'm what you might call a Jack of All Trades. (Or a Jill, depending on how I'm feeling that day.) Those trades also include: cartoons, photography, song composition, and drinking a LOT of coffee.

Discover Geek (content copywriter, february 2017-)
product descriptions, SEO. general geekery, being a video game know-it-all with "cutting edge" star wars commentary including but not limited to, "i hate kylo ren"

Inspirer (staff music writer, may 2017-)
album & ep reviews, concert reviews, interviews, blog posts (opinion pieces, series exclusives), comic ('a girl walks into a guitar shop')

Social Media Management (april 2017-)
Discover Geek (twitter), Inspirer (twitter, pinterest)

Get Transcribed (transcriptionist, january 2017-) audio transcription of confidential files, youtube files, interviews, lectures

ECOMMERCE (various, 2014-)
Gumtree ads, eBay ads

DOG MINDER (2016-)
walk 5+ miles a day, lifelong experience with dogs of all different breeds, good with nervous dogs, can administer certain medications (ear drops, tablets), basically a taller dog whisperer